Arden Vanguard
Other spear dude




STR/12 AGI/5 RES/12 WIS/1 soc/1 Charge/10

Signiature Weapon:

Spear and Shield


Meat-Shield, professional sigher

Played By:



Arden, what to say about him? Well he use to sit on a wall guarding the village of "NotGoingToBurnToTheGround" , but fucked that up. So now he just wanders around the world with his "Friends".

Adventure SummaryEdit

After he and his "Friends" were brutally murdered by a Dragon, he set out to rebuild his home town. He now is a member of the Adventurers Guild of Snow Town.

Notable FeatsEdit

-Jumped on top of a drake, punched it numerous times before impaling its head with his spear. Then one of his "Friends" decided on making a fissure in the ground, only to be saved by another "Friend".

-Punted a bear a few feet off the ground, then stoped its rampaging charge with his /bear/ hands.

-Survived fighting the Tentataur, twice.

-Once charged at a man, with such high speeds, he obliterated every partical of his body.

-Has sustained several life threatening injuries.

-Some how survived to have a 1 on 1 show down with the Dragon. Ending with him winning.

-Was able to bring the Guild back together after its two founding members messed with the law. Even though fucking up and still getting a new recruit killed in the process.

-He's gonna carry that weight.