Str: 1, Agi: 1, Res: 5, Wis: 7, Soc: 6, Special (Limitless Magic):7

A/v/RP Stats:

Str: 1, Agi: 1, End: 4, Cha*: 5, Wis*: 5, Mag*: 6, Special (Boundless): 3

Signature Weapons:




Played by:


"Well then."-Leon Igneous Optimus Novis


Leon was initiated into the Bound order after being discovered by a stray turtle on the way to the park one day. Afterwards, 1 year after the discovery, the turtle bopped Leon, awakening intense and limitless power in a ring he found in a cereal box. After absorbing the magical energy, his mind has wandered throught the depths of the arcane. He often stares at his hands, opening and closing them to prime them for battle.


-Solved an incredibly simple puzzle that no other party member could, outthinking even the smarter Swordfag. This allowed everyone to go deeper into the abyss that had previously held Leon captive for a day or two. Coming across a wolf altar, Sword and Violet were consumed by the abyss leaving the mage and the druid to fight a giant shadow wolf. Instead of utterly destroying the shadow wolf, they made various attempt to purify and tame the wolf, ultimately giving the druid a new pet wolf. After walking into the pits and saving Violet the Catgirl and the Knight Swordfag, the party encountered Pk'ar. Leon dissapated his demonic power, causing Pk'ar(the asshole) to charge and burn Leon's manhood into ash. After reciving a healing vibe from the druid of good feeling, his dick grew back and Leon furiously fired a beam from it. Pk'ar tried to send his own to counter the beam, but was outmatched and had his dick obliterated. After the fiasco and wondering why the shadow was still a shadow, he went to a house containing Brodalf and some strip poker buddies. Leon had a stroke of luck, winning Brodalf's hat, (forgotten)'s helmet, and (forgot). He then left to follow an odd girl into the abyss.


-Heart overload

-Heart to hand persuasion

-Magic bursts

-Drain magic

-Dick beam


-Evaporated ALL the water!

-Has more than 1 wisdom.

-Befriended a shadow creature and occationally hangs around a campfire to eat smores with it.

-Gained a covenant ring used for walking in the pits of the abyss.