/v/RP Adventures: The Game
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/v/RPorWare, a collection of /v/RP regulars.

/v/RP Adventures: The Game is an RPG Maker 2k3 project, made by /v/RPorWare, a staff team made of /v/RP regulars fucking around.


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1. WORK.

2. Let Jim work his magic and sprite some of the characters.

Jim's own little progress page!

3. Polish the towns a bit more, like stores.

4. Be a bit more new-comer friendly with writing. Exposition. Explaining.

Project ProgressEdit

Ranging from E- to A+, how well the game is going.

Gameplay - (A-) - Balance issues solved surprisingly quick. Although some tweaks are necessary, the game is currently balanced, and offers a good level of challenge without being impossible. Also added several new status effects!

Plot - (B-) - Plot taking an actual, solid shape.

Maps - (B) - Bunch of dungeons, five towns, five overworld maps and one airship world map finished.

Sprites - (C) - Custom sprite are on the works.

Music - (B-) - Good music sources available, although with little variety. Needs more work.

Glitches/Issues - (C-) - Playable, but with many bothering flaws that need to be fixed.

Item/Skill Creation - (B-) - Several custom items and skills introduced, but with lacking custom effects to go along with it. Learned to animate too!

Acessibility - (C-) - Archives idea is now a reality, and provides a basic ground for newcomers. The game can now be understood by new players by the use of such a feature. More will still be done.

Total Progress - C+

Newest Versions & DemoEdit

Latest Version

vs. Bardarang Battle Demo