Summoner Sam
Aph fantasia the summoner by mano chan-d5h9i9z


Dark Blue


3 STR/3 AGI/5 RES/5 WIS/4 SOC/7 Summon

Signature Weapon:

Book of Summons



Played by:


Adventure SummaryEdit

His adventure started with his party wanting to kill him for playing video games in the town of "NotGoingToBurnToTheGround", which ended shortly after with a dragon murdering him and the rest of the party at the local inn. After being brought back alive shortly after, he set out on a journey and it wasn't long before they reached the gates of Valveria, where our Summoner friend accidentally (He swears it wasn't on purpose) rolled a 4 in summoning a glacier on top of a civilian. This inhumane act, committed in broad daylight ended up in his arrest and eventually - imprisonment. The time he's spent in jail and everyday intellectual conversations with his friend-scholar cell mate Bubba Blast has left him pondering and rethinking his life and actions up to this point. After spending nearly an year imprisoned, our now completely different friend is finally set free and looking for new adventures to partake in.

Notable FeatsEdit

- Summoned a massive avalanche on top of a dragon.

-Called forth a cute little baby ice dragon, which was later named Ice Cube.

-Silenced the party's Cleric, who wouldn't stop begging him to undress.

-Summoned Snoop Dogg.