The Burnt One
Fire Guy





Signature Weapon:

Magic and his immense douchebaggery


A jerky wizard with awful luck

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An asshole of a wizard and his various incarnations. They tend to backstab, get badly burnt or injured, end up developing a lisp, and generally be egostotical, (wannabe) world dominating dicks. Their luck with casting magic swings from one scale of the lucky scale to the other, like some sort of deranged pendulum, as detailed below.

Adventure SummaryEdit

In his first appearance, The Burnt One was an average wizard, drinking at a tavern. His terrible luck caused him to catch fire and almost die. He was badly burnt and proceeded to experience a mental breakdown. When a fellow party member wanted to die, he obliged his request. However, this action was against the law of the land, and a justice loving monk proceeded to combat him. This encounted ended with The Burnt One freezing his crotch with a failed ice spell and dying due to blood loss when it shattered.

In his second appearance in the world of /v/ RP, The Burnt One was a lowly wizard known as TavBurn. He snapped much easier and proceeded to backstab his party. They eventually forgave him and allowed him to try and redeem himself. They ventured to a distant cemetary, where he lost his skeleton in a freak accident. After helping avenge a justice loving monk and save his friends, he remains a fleshy sack, seeking a replacement for his skeleton.

Notable FeatsEdit

-Managed to not only set himself aflame, but also dump lamp oil on the flames and strangle himself with the burning robes.

-Almost killed two party members in a Battle Royale...before freezing his crotch with a backfired ice spell and bleeding out when it shattered.

-Lost his skeleton when a spell to make a skeleton pop out backfired horrendously.

-Defeated half of a horde of skeletons with the Truffle Shuffle when he lost his skeleton.